HTTPS: not just for the cool kids

Now more than ever it’s time to move to HTTPS – not just because it’s the secure “cool” thing to do, but because it’s also becoming the standard rather than an afterthought. Scans and crawls in the last six months show HTTPS is growing by leaps » Continue Reading.

Google Slowly Forcing Security on Internet

With a thoughtful, yet decided, hand Google is ushering in a new age of secure Internet communications. Starting this month with the release of Chrome 56, Google will label websites without a properly installed digital certificate as “Not Secure”. Initially, only websites that accept passwords » Continue Reading.

Update Your Privacy Settings

Your online security is important to us here at Inspired by Data Privacy Day, we’d like to remind you that one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself online is to update your privacy settings. It can be confusing to » Continue Reading.

Superfish Sequel: Komodia the Phantom Menace?

If you recall, we talked about Superfish recently and the fact Lenovo was pre-installing spyware on low-end consumer computers they sold. Apparently, Komodia, the company behind Superfish, has other software that is just as bad if not worse. Several antivirus and parental protection software also uses Komodia’s engine. Products like Qustodio, » Continue Reading.

How the Sony Hack Affects You

How the Sony Hack Affects You Just to be clear, we’re talking about the big Sony hack in late November 2014, which involved massive data breeches, Hollywood stars, racy pictures and lots of money – NOT the massive Denial of Service attack Sony’s online gaming service » Continue Reading.