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Buy Multi-domain UCC SSL Certificate (click here for product details)

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UC Certificate (aka SANs, Exchange SSL, multidomain SSL) Summary

  • Can secure up to 200 entries (first 3 are free, additional charge per entry after the 3rd entry)
  • An entry can be a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or simply a subdomain+domain
  • An entry can be a single worded server name
  • An entry can be an internal ip address (but the certificate will not be effective past Dec 2015 per CAB Forum Reqs.)
  • Only requires 1 ip address (great for hosting and virtual hosts)
  • Uses the Subject Alternative Name (SAN) extension field

Example entries include:

  • www.domain.com
  • lync.domain.com
  • yada.yada.domain.co.uk
  • www.example1.local
  • exchange
1 Year $177.00
2 Years $159.00/yr (save 11%)
3 Years $150.45/yr (save 16%)
4 Years $146.91/yr (save 18%)
5 Years $141.60/yr (save 20%)
(includes 3 domains)