How to Order a UCC and Change or Update Domains

A Unified Communication Certificate (or UCC) allows for multiple hostnames to be protected by a single certificate.’s new UCC Ordering Wizard makes it easy to get one certificate to protect all your vital data.

UCCs are also known as Subject Alternate Name (or SAN) certificates, multi-domain certificates or Exchange certificates. Check out this FAQ for more information about UCCs.

Customizing your order is simple and fast with the UCC Ordering Wizard:

1. The More information button opens the product page to help you understand the details of your UCC
2. The Duration can be set for up to five years (two years for EV certificates)
3. The Add domain(s) to certificate field accepts domain names (wildcards accepted for non EV)
4. The footer bar automatically calculates and displays your total as you add domains


Ordering an UC Certificate

Select the duration UC certificates can be ordered for from one to five years. (EV UCCs can be ordered for up to two years.) A discount accrues for longer spans (up to 20% off for five years) and for Resellers.

Add hostnames

Your domain names can be entered one at a time, or from a space-separated list. For example, you can copy a list from a text document to your clipboard…


…and paste it into the “Add domain(s) to certificate” field. Each hostname will be automatically added (or changed) to your order as a separate editable item.

Wildcard domain names may be added – note properly formatted wildcards are color coded blue:

Incorrectly formed or invalid entries are flagged in red:

You can click the pencil icon to edit each domain, or click the X icon to remove the domain.

As many as two thousand entries can be hosted in any single UC certificate.

Review UCC entries

Your total will be automatically calculated as you add items to the order and displayed in the footer:

Review your order and make any changes required. When you are ready to proceed, click Add to Cart.

Review

Your shopping cart is now displayed, with the items you approved and your total:


Click Checkout to pay for your order.

If you are a new customer you will be prompted to create your account at this point. If you are a returning customer you may log in and use an existing billing profile to make your payment.