Can I Create a * Wildcard? How About *.*

We recently received a query from an customer with an existing wildcard certificate:

“We have a wildcard with you – * I need to use or *.* Is there a way to do this? Do I have to purchase another wildcard?”

A wildcard IS required, but we can extend this customer’s functionality as required (and save them money at the same time).

This customer actually asked two questions – can be protected (yes) and could a wildcard be issued for *.* (no).

There are no multi-level wildcard certificates, with two wildcard levels (like *.* since no browsers recognize this configuration. For that matter, a pattern like www.* can’t be used for a wildcard certificate either, because the wildcard must be the leftmost element.

However, this customer can certainly cover (and all other subdomains built over by upgrading to a UCC certificate with the following domains requested:

  • *
  • *

In this setup, the new wildcard certificate for * would protect (and, as noted, any other subdomain built upon

You can add any number of wildcard certificates to the UCC SSL for $129 a year, and the price will be prorated for any wildcards added (so that you would pay half that price for any websites added in six months, etc). The total price for this particular customer’s new setup would be $435, but we would apply any existing payments for their wildcard SSL to the new UCC certificate.

(As recommended, this configuration will also give protection to, but you could choose an alternate domain to protect for the same price.)

We can accommodate any desired SSL configuration at – just contact us at or via the chat link on this page and we will find the solution you need.

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