Can I Use Wildcard Domains in My UCC Certificate?

Short answer: You certainly can!

We’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately from customers of a major Certificate Authority (can’t say who, but it might rhyme with “No Caddy”) who have been told that wildcard domains are not supported in their Unified Communications Certificates (also known as multi-domain, UC, UCC or SANS certificates).

Frankly, we aren’t sure why they’re saying that – there is certainly no technical reason wildcard domains can’t be incorporated into these, and we see situations every week where a wildcard domain in a customer’s UCC is not only the easiest solution, but the most affordable. In fact, it’s the only solution if you want multiple wildcards in a single SSL certificate.’s Multi-domain UCC can secure multiple sites and multiple subdomains, using fully qualified domain names, wildcard domains and more. To cover unlimited subdomains, just create the wildcard domains (ie * in the common name field or as a SAN (Subject Alternative Name) when you purchase your UCC.

You can even put other wildcards in the SAN fields such as *, *, *, etc. You cannot however, put multiple wildcard levels such as *.* (see Can I Have a *.* Wildcard SSL?)

As with any other domain on’s UCC, your wildcard’s subdomains can be hosted on different IP addresses with multiple  private keys – so this is a great solution for distributed and virtual hosting.

The second best part is the price. will charge you just $129 per year to add your wildcard SSL to your UCC  – other providers might charge you three times that or more (if they allow this at all, that is).

The best part, though, is that just like every certificate you purchase from us,  it’ll come with the great support and service you’ve come to expect from