If I Have a Certificate With Another Company Can I Switch to SSL.com?

Yes, you can!

Certificate Authorities do not have dominion over the domains to which they provide security, that authority rests solely with the website owner.  You can choose to switch SSL providers at any time, without having to consult the previous Certificate Authority.  You can switch with 3 easy steps!

1. Update the CAA records in your DNS Zone.

CAA (Certificate Authority Authorization) records allow website owners the power to limit which Certificate Authorities can issue digital certificates for a specific website.  This is a new protection designed to prevent unauthorized certificates from being created.  Read our primer on CAA records to learn more about this recent change.

2. Purchase an SSL Certificate.

This guide tells you how to obtain an SSL.com certificate, including ordering, submitting the CSR, and validation.  We even have a trial certificate available for customers who need to test a certificate in their development environment.

3. Install the Certificate.

We have installation guides for most systems, but please feel free to contact the Support Team for assistance with installing your SSL.com certificate.

That’s it! You’ve switched!  Now, sit back and enjoy the great customer service and support that SSL.com is known for.  As always, if you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us at Support@SSL.com.


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