eSigner Supported File Types

Supported File Types for eSigner Code Signing

With’s eSigner service, you can use your Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate to sign code from any internet-connected device without any additional hardware. After enrolling your EV Code Signing certificate order in eSigner, you can sign code with either the eSigner Express web app, eSigner CodeSignTool or through’s CSC-compliant code signing API. eSigner can be used for Microsoft Authenticode, Java code signing, MSI installers and various types of scripts. A complete list of supported file types is available below.
Microsoft Authenticode File Types
  • application/acm
  • application/ax
  • application/cpl
  • application/dll
  • application/drv
  • application/efi
  • application/exe
  • application/mui
  • application/ocx
  • application/scr
  • application/sys
  • application/tsp
  • application/bin
MSI File Type
  • application/msi
PowerShell Scripts File Types
  • application/ps1
  • application/ps1xml
Other Scripts File Types
  • application/js
  • application/vbs
  • application/wsf
CAT File Type
  • application/cat
CAB File Type
Java File Type
  • application/jar
CodeSignTool is also capable of signing NuGet packages ( . nupkg ). Pleaser refer to this guide article for more information: Code Signing Nuget Packages with eSigner CodeSignTool

eSigner CKA Supported File Types

eSigner CKA (Cloud Key Adapter) is a Windows based application that uses the CNG interface (KSP Key Service Provider) to allow tools such as certutil.exe and signtool.exe to use the eSigner CSC for automated EV code signing operations. It acts like a virtual USB token and loads the code signing certs to the certificate store.   eSigner CKA is able to support all of the 22 previously mentioned file types. In addition, eSigner CKA also supports MSIX, MDB, and ACCDE files.  Generally, since eSigner CKA is Microsoft’s native app, it can support any file type that SignTool is able to process.

Supported File types for eSigner Document Signing

Listed below are the the files supported by eSigner Express for document signing:
  • pdf
  • docx
  • pptx 
  • xlsx
eSigner’s  digital signatures use PKI-based digital certificates that bind an identity (such as a person or company) to a cryptographic key pair. When a file like a PDF or Word document is digitally signed, a cryptographic hash of the document’s content and the identity of the signatory are bound together to form a unique digital fingerprint, ensuring:
  1. Authentication: The identity of the signer has been validated by a publicly trusted certificate authority (CA).
  2. Integrity: The document has not been altered since it was signed.
  3. Non-repudiation: Because authentication and integrity are insured by a digital signature, a signatory cannot plausibly deny that they signed a document.
If a company wants to have thousands of documents digitally signed in an automated way, they can write a script that can call our Document Signing API or the DocSignTool. This service is called eSealing and requires only the hash of the document to be sent over the wire ensuring that the full document does not leave the company network. Customers who want to use eSealing should contact so that their organization validation document signing certificate can be converted to an eSealing certificate.

Maximum supported file sizes on eSigner

eSigner Express 

200 MB for code signing, 100 MB for document signing  

eSigner API

200 MB for code signing, 20 MB for document signing

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