Binding in IIS 7 and 8

Binding a certificate to a website means that you are activating the installed digital certificate and associating it with a particular website, port, and/or IP Address.  Binding in IIS can be performed by following these quick and easy instructions.

Create a New Binding in IIS

  1. In the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager window, Select the name of the server where you installed the certificate.
  2. Click + beside Sites, then select the site to secure with the SSL/TLS certificate.
  3. In the Actions panel on the right, Click Bindings….
  4. Click Add….
  5. In the Add Site Binding window:
  6. For Type, select https.
  7. For IP address, select All Unassigned, or the IP address of the site.
  8. For Port, type 443.
  9. For SSL Certificate, select the desired security certificate; you may use the View button to get details about the certificate.
  10. Click OK after checking your changes.
  11. Close the Site Bindings window.


You may also choose to edit an existing port binding.  To do this simply select the item and click Edit.  You can change the port, the IP Address, the website name(s), and the certificate to use.  These instructions work best with IIS 7, IIS 8, and IIS 8.5