Install SSL Certificate on NGINX

install on NGINX


Installing an SSL Certificate on the modern (> 0.7.14) nginx platform is quite easy.
  1. Locate the server block for your website.
  2. Add a listen directive for your secure port and add the ssl
  3. Add the ssl_certificate directive; the parameter is the full path to the nginx format of your certificate.
  4. Add the ssl_certificate_key directive; the parameter is the full path to your private key.



server {
listen                               80;
listen                               443 ssl;
server_name         ;
ssl_certificate                /path/to/www_yourdomain_com.crt;
ssl_certificate_key        /path/to/www_yourdomain_com.key;


Remember that you can always go to your certificate download page to obtain the nginx formatted bundle of your server and intermediate certificates. Some older versions of the software may require you to reverse the order of the concatenated bundle.  For more information, please see the official documentation at or contact our support team at