Remove a Root Certificate in Firefox wishes to give you the knowledge you need to remove or disable an unwanted root certificate. Below you will find instructions for doing this in Firefox.

WARNING! Manually messing about with root certificates is serious juju and can cause serious and unpleasant problems.  Remember to always back up your computer before proceeding with any of the steps below. We completely believe your computer should be yours to fix or break – however, cannot guarantee the steps given below will not cause other serious problems on your computer, and is not liable for any issues that arise from following these instructions.


To Remove a Root Certificate in Firefox:

1. Click the Firefox Menu.

Disabling _root_cert_FF_01

2. Select and open “Options”.

Disabling _root_cert_FF_02

3. Select the “Advanced” option and then the “Certificates” tab…

Disabling _root_cert_FF_03

…then click View Certificates.

Disabling _root_cert_FF_04

4. In the “Certificate Manager” panel, click the “Authorities” tab and select the target certificate, then click the Delete or Distrust button.

NOTE: In this example we are selecting GoDaddy’s root certificate as out target – this is ONLY for illustrative purposes. We do NOT suggest you remove GoDaddy’s root certificate!

Disabling _root_cert_FF_06

5 .  In the “Delete or Distrust CA Certificates” panel, make sure the target certificate is the one you wish to delete, then click OK to remove it.

NOTE: “Delete” and “distrust” mean the same thing to Firefox – clicking “OK” in this step removes the certificate entirely.

Disabling _root_cert_FF_07

Your target certificate is now removed from your Firefox certificate store. reminds you – a safer internet is a better internet!