Remove or Disable a Root Certificate

What with Lenovo’s widely-misunderstood effort to give consumers more choice by overriding their security settings, your newsfeed is likely chock-a-block with references to “root certificates” and suggestions to remove or disable the one which Superfish uses to do its groovy thing. wants you to have the knowledge you » Continue Reading.

Remove a Root Certificate in Internet Explorer wishes to give you the knowledge you need to manage your security architecture. Below are instructions for removing an unwanted root certificate in Internet Explorer. (If you wish to disable rather than remove a certificate see our instructions for doing this in Microsoft Management Console.) Note that » Continue Reading.

Remove a Root Certificate in Firefox wishes to give you the knowledge you need to remove or disable an unwanted root certificate. Below you will find instructions for doing this in Firefox. WARNING! Manually messing about with root certificates is serious juju and can cause serious and unpleasant problems.  Remember to » Continue Reading.

Disable a Root Certificate in Windows MMC wants you to be able to manage your own security architecture whenever possible, and thus presents here a method for disabling a root certificate in Windows using Microsoft Management Console (or MMC). Note that you may need to run MMC with Administrator privileges to follow the instructions » Continue Reading.