Secure Email (S/MIME) Certificates

Secure Email (S/MIME) Certificates

Protect your personal and organizational email communications with’s S/MIME certificates.’s S/MIME certificates give you peace of mind by encrypting your emails with a tamper-proof digital signature assuring your recipients that the emails were really sent by you. Our S/MIME certificates can be used by organizations to encrypt email communications internally among colleagues and externally with clients and partners. Prevent debilitating cyber-attacks including email tampering, phishing, pharming, CEO Identity fraud, corporate impersonation, and leaks of sensitive data. A ClientAuth Certificate also enables Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities.


Features and Benefits

Compatible with major email client software applications and email services: Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, etc.

Our S/MIME certificates are highly-versatile and can be integrated with various apps used in managing email communication and personal information.

Prevents phishing, pharming, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks

Unprotected emails have long been a primary tactic used by hackers as a gateway to steal identities, invade personal and organizational computers, and compromise data and critical digital assets. S/MIME certificates serve as your front line defense against identity-based email cyber attacks by displaying a signed email notification to recipients.

Industry-grade Email Encryption

We support RSA encryption, the gold standard in public-key encryption algorithm, as well as Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) email encryption.

Client Authentication Capability S/MIME Certificates are also capable of client authentication for accessing critical systems. The clientAuth feature effectively shields sensitive data and digital assets from malicious actors by ensuring that only the verified individuals or organizations are able to login to systems.

Quick Issuance

Issuance occurs within seconds of a successful validation. Installation allows you to securely send and receive encrypted email.

Bulk Issuances

Bulk ordering option is available for Basic S/MIME Certificate.

Choose your S/MIME Certificate

Basic Email S/MIME Certificate’s Basic Email S/MIME Certificate allows digitally signed and encrypted emails to be exchanged between any number of recipients including group threads. This certificate is intended to protect a single email address with no additional identifying information.

Individual Validation (IV) S/MIME Certificate

This option is suitable for professionals like lawyers, notaries, engineers, accountants, or doctors who provide services and are required to communicate with their own validated personal identity. The IV S/MIME Certificate fully encrypts every email that you send to the intended recipient and applies an authenticated first and last name  in the digital signature. This protective feature assures your clients that they are actually communicating/transacting with you.

Organization Validation (OV) S/MIME Certificate

Protect company and organizational email communication with’s OV S/MIME certificates. Prevent CEO Identity frauds, corporate impersonation, and data theft.’s OV S/MIME certificates enables you to sign your company’s emails with a validated email signature and the option to encrypt emails that contain sensitive information. Perfect for company or business unit-focused emails such as,, or

Individual Validation + Organization Validation (IV + OV) S/MIME Certificate IV + OV S/MIME certificates offer the highest level of email security using both a validated individual and organization identity. Equipped with the highest standard of encryption technology, these S/MIME certificates add an extra layer of trust and prevent email tampering both inside and outside your organization using emails signed with authentic personal and company identities.

Custom Solutions and High-Volume S/MIME Certificate Issuances

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