Can I order an SSL/TLS certificate for an IP address?

Is possible to protect an IP address with an SSL/TLS certificate? Yes, but only under certain circumstances:

  • The IP address you wish to secure must be public, and your organization must own it.
    • The IP address ranges 10.x.x.x and 192.168.x.x are prohibited.
    • A WHOIS lookup of the IP address should show your organization’s name, address, phone number, and email contacts (not your web hosting provider’s).
  • Control over the IP address must be demonstrated by the HTTP/HTTPS file lookup method. The email challenge response and DNS CNAME lookup methods may not be used to validate an IP address. (Please see our DV Overview for details of these three methods.)
Support for IP addresses in multi-domain certificates is limited in Windows versions before 10:

  • Windows 8.1 and earlier will not support SSL certificates that specify an IP address as a Subject Alternative Name (SAN), but will support an IP address as the Common Name (CN).
  • Windows 10 will support an IP address as a SAN or the CN.
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