Did SSL.com send an email asking for my banking information?

Don’t click links in suspicious looking emails!

Some of our customers have recently reported seeing emails from a suspicious address that appears to be from a subdomain of SSL.com. Please delete these emails, as they are not from us!

Some points to remember:

  • Any emails from SSL.com’s technical support staff will come from addresses ending with “@SSL.com”, not “<insert-fruit-here>.ssl.com”!
  • We will never send you unsolicited emails to ask you for personal credit information. Any such emails are a scam and were not sent by us.

We apologize that some people are attempting to impersonate us. However, we trust that our customers are security-savvy and know a spoof when they see one. When in doubt, feel free to visit SSL.com and chat with our live support team. We’re always ready to assist you.

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