What Is the ACME Protocol?

What is the ACME protocol?

Automated Certificate Management Environment (ACME) is a standard protocol for automating domain validation, installation, and management of X.509 certificates. The ACME protocol was designed by the Internet Security Research Group and is described in IETF RFC 8555. As a well-documented, open standard with many available client implementations, ACME is being widely adopted as an enterprise certificate automation solution.

Can I use ACME to order SSL/TLS certificates from SSL.com?

Yes! Please read SSL/TLS Certificate Issuance and Revocation with ACME and ACME SSL/TLS Automation with Apache and Nginx for more information.

What is the lifetime of SSL/TLS certificates purchased from SSL.com via ACME?

All certificates issued by SSL.com via the ACME protocol have a lifetime of one year.

Which types of certificates can I order from SSL.com with ACME?

The following SSL/TLS certificate products may be ordered via the ACME protocol by any SSL.com customer:

Basic SSL
Wildcard SSL
Premium SSL
Multi-Domain UCC/SAN SSL

For more information, please refer to the section on Certificate Types and Billing from our ACME guide.

Do SSL.com’s Reseller and Volume Purchasing discounts apply to certificates ordered with ACME?

Yes. Participants in SSL.com’s Reseller and Volume Purchasing Program will receive the wholesale discounts associated with their reseller and volume purchasing tier when they request certificates with the ACME protocol. Resellers can also generate ACME credentials for their customers.

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