Manager – Installation

We are pleased to release the newest version of our Manager, designed to make ordering and installing your SSL certificates much easier for our customers using Windows servers.

Downloading Manager v2.0

Click this link to download Manager version 2.0.


Installing Manager v2.0

  1. After downloading, locate and double-click the installer file (SSL Manager 2.0 Installer.exe):
    Depending on your local computer’s User Account Control settings, you may receive messages noting that you are opening an executable file and/or requesting confirmation to proceed. Both the Installer and SSL Manager itself are code-signed and safe to use.
  2. A welcome message will pop up:
  3. Click Next to acknowledge the welcome message, then agree to the EULA and select your directory for installation:Click Next again to proceed.
  4. Finally, the SSL Manager will create desktop icons and shortcut links in your menu.   Click Install to complete the process.Click Install to proceed.
  5. When the installation is complete, click Finish to close the installer.

Note that Manager requires administrator access to function. The easiest way to enable administrator access in Windows is via the desktop icon created upon installation. Right-click the desktop icon and select “Properties” from the dropdown menu. The details page will open the “Shortcut” menu; click “Advanced” and check the box marked “Run as Administrator.SSLManager_setup_run_as_admin

Click the “OK” button to save this change and “OK”, again, to close the Properties panel.

Click here to read about the features and tools in Manager v2.0.