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SSL Manager is’s multi-purpose Windows application designed to make managing, installing and deploying  certificates intuitive. It has PKI utility functions as well as capabilities as a signing tool.

SSL Manager also allows you to generate key pairs and order and install EV code signing and Adobe-trusted document signing certificates on YubiKey FIPS USB tokens.  

Below are the defining features of SSL Manager:

  • View all SSL certificates in all stores installed on your Microsoft Windows server
  • Zero in for a detailed view of any certificate
  • Create, renew and delete certificates including the private key and CSR
  • Convert between different formats (pem, der, p12/pfx, cer/crt, etc)
  • Code sign your apps, plugins or documents
  • Regenerate the CSR for any SSL certificate
  • Automatically send the new or renewing CSR to to be signed (no more copy and paste!)
  • Update the Windows server root store with the latest intermediate and root certificates.

SSL Manager is now at Version 3.2 with the following upgrades implemented:

With SSL Manager being upgraded to version 3.2, it can now work together with Yubikey to get clients their certificates faster to a token.  Before, clients used to have to do the attestation on a Yubikey directly on Yubikey Manager, submit it to website manually, inform the support team, and wait for the new issuance. Now, SSL Manager 3.2 can do all the mentioned processes directly for Yubikey. SSL Manager 3.2 now fully allows you to generate key pairs and order and install EV code signing and Adobe-trusted document signing certificates on YubiKey FIPS USB tokens. Specifically, SSL Manager 3.2 can:  
  • Generate key pair in Yubikey device (RSA2048, ECCP256, ECCP384)
  • Generate key attestation using Yubikey device
  • Create an order for a certificate with key attestation
  • Import certificate to Yubikey device

Registering a customer account

Take note that you need an customer account in order to use the full features of SSL Manager after it is installed. If you don’t have one, you can find instructions on how to register a new customer account here.

Download SSL Manager

SSL Manager is free to download. Proceed to this page to download SSL Manager on your computer.

Installing SSL Manager

You can read the installation guide for SSL Manager to be guided on the process.   Both the Installer and SSL Manager are code-signed and perfectly safe to use.  
Take note that every new instance of SSL Manager must be verified by the admin of your team account. This prevents someone from using an instance of SSL manager (and billing your account) without your direct authorization. To approve a new installation of SSL Manager, please follow the steps in this how-to.

SSL Manager Interface and Menu Reference

When the SSL Manager application is executed, it presents a single window. To interact with SSL Manager, you may either use the drop-down menu interface, or right-click on the window to bring up a context menu.   Proceed to this documentation article to learn how to navigate the SSL Manager Interface including its five drop-down menus, context-menu, and wizards, plus an appendix covering common errors and troubleshooting information.

SSL Manager Glossary

SSL Manager documentation uses some industry jargon for the sake of brevity. For the uninitiated readers, you can find a glossary of terms used in the application itself and the documentation here.  

CSR Generation and Validation with SSL Manager

Read this how-to article which walks you through generating a certificate signing request (CSR) and placing an SSL/TLS certificate order with SSL Manager.

Order EV Code Signing and Document Signing Certificates

Read this guide to find out how to order EV Code Signing and Document Signing Certificates with SSL Manager and Yubikey. Upon ordering your EV Code signing certificate, you can then enroll it to’s eSigner cloud signing service so you can sign code from any internet-connected device without any additional hardware. You can sign code with the eSigner Express web app, eSigner CodeSignTool or through’s CSC-compliant code signing API.

Creating Test Orders on the Sandbox with SSL Manager

For the convenience of users and developers, maintains a Sandbox testing instance. The Sandbox is like a “lab,” where you can freely experiment with’s services without fear of breaking anything important or accidentally spending real money. Orders and transactions in the Sandbox are not live and do not undergo validation, and by extension not billable or trusted.
Head to this guide article to learn how to link SSL Manager to the Sandbox and create test orders for your digital certificates.

Contact Support for Questions on SSL Manager

If you have any questions about using SSL Manager or need assistance, please contact us at, 1-SSL-Certificate (1-775-237-8434) or just use the Live Chat option at the bottom right of this page.

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