Callbacks for OV Certificates

A successful voice or SMS contact to a validated telephone number is required to issue any Organization Validation (OV) certificates – also known as High Assurance certificates.’s certificates requiring callbacks include:

This how-to will give you a detailed walk-through of the callback step for ordering any of the certificates listed above.

Note: Extended Validation (EV) certificates also require callbacks, but these are performed manually rather than through’s user account portal.


1. The callback process begins at the Upload Documents stage of ordering a certificate. When uploading documents for OV validation, please include a telephone bill or directory listing that associates the entity to be verified (e.g. your company’s identity or your personal identity) with the number we will call. When you are done adding files, click Submit.

Upload documents


2. When you have submitted your documents, your new certificate will have a status of pending validation until we verify the information you’ve sent, including your telephone number.


3. Once your telephone number has been verified, the perform callback link will be made available to you. To find it, navigate to the documents page of your order by clicking the documents link, located below the certificate name in the Subject column on the Orders page.



4. Next, click the Perform Callback link, located at the lower left of the documents page.

Perform Callback


5. A dialog box will appear. Enter one or more email addresses to send the callback link to, and then click the Send button.

Enter email addresses


6. A green alert message will appear, verifying that the callback links have been sent.

Callback link sent successfully


7. Check your email for the callback message. When it arrives, click the link it contains.

Callback link


8. After clicking the link, a callback verification form will open in your web browser. To initiate a call to your verified phone number from our automated system immediately, just click the Call Now button. You can choose between voice and SMS by using the radio buttons at the bottom of the form.

Call Now


9. By using the Callback Types drop-down menu, you can also choose to schedule an automated call at a later time via the Schedule Callback option, or schedule a direct call from a member of our staff by choosing Manual Callback. If you choose one of these options, form elements for scheduling the call will appear dynamically:

  • Schedule Callback:
    Schedule Callback
  • Manual Callback:
    Manual Callback


10. If you choose Callback Now and click Call Now, a form for verification code entry will appear. When you receive your call or text it will include the code. Enter the four-digit code and then click the Verify Phone button.

Phone verification code


11. if you choose Schedule Callback and schedule the call with the form, you will receive a call or SMS with a four-digit code at your selected time. Return to the URL from your callback email. and enter the code at the base of the Schedule Callback form and click the Verify Phone button.

Enter Verification Code


13. If everything has gone correctly with the Callback Now or Schedule Callback options, an alert message will appear in your browser confirming that callback verification is complete. If you chose Manual Contact, a staff member will contact you personally at the selected time to complete validation.

Callback verification completed successfully


14. Your callback is complete! After a successful callback and all other validation requirements have been satisfied, will send you a Certificate Activation Link email message that you can use to collect your certificate. Alternately, you can click the generate certificate link in the Action column of the Orders tab in your account to collect the certificate.

Certificate Activation Link


Thank you for choosing! If you have any questions, please contact us by email at, call 1-877-SSL-SECURE, or just click the chat link at the bottom right of this page.