Reprocess a Certificate

Reprocessing your certificate is free and can be done as often as required!

Why reprocess?
How do I reprocess my certificate?


Why Reprocess My Certificate?

You may want to reprocess your certificate to change the domain name covered, to add domains to a UCC/SAN or to upgrade your certificate from SHA-1 to SHA-2.

All certificates issued after September 24, 2014 use the SHA-2 hashing algorithm by default. SHA-2 (also known as SHA-256) replaces the older SHA-1, which is considered insufficiently robust. SHA-1 support is being retired by major browsers (Chrome, Firefox) and online services (Facebook, Amazon), which will cause issues with any sites still using SHA-1 customers who purchased a SHA-1 certificate are urged to have it reissued using SHA-2 to minimize issues going forward. This article will give more information specifically regarding SHA-1 reprocessing.

How Do I Reprocess My Certificate?

It’s easy!

1) Log into your account.

2) In your “Orders” panel, find the target certificate and select “change domain(s)/rekey”.


3) If the information in your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) has not changed, check the “Use previous CSR” box to automatically use the last CSR you submitted for this order.



You can reuse your CSR if you are reprocessing to update your certificate from SHA-1 to SHA-2, or if you are renewing an existing certificate without changing any of the information contained in the CSR.If you are changing any information contained in the CSR, including the domain name(s) covered by the certificate or contact information, you will need to generate a new CSR and paste it into the field.

4) Click Next when your CSR is complete.

5) Then just follow the steps as outlined in our article for submitting a CSR as you would for a new order.

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