Will I Be Notified When My Certificate Is About To Expire?

Yes you will.

Any SSL certificate comes with an expiration date. As that date approaches, SSL.com will send you email reminders of the pending expiration.

SSL.com will send multiple emails to let you know that your certificate is about to expire, and you can specify triggers for up to five reminder notices. A notice will be sent when the number of days prior to expiration specified by that trigger is reached. For instance, if you set a trigger for 30 days prior to expiration, then on the 30th day before expiration for your SSL certificate(s), a reminder notice is sent to the designated email. Using the default settings when your account was created, these notifications will occur on the following schedule:

  • 60 days before expiration
  • 30 days before expiration
  • Seven days before expiration
  • One day before expiration
  • 30 days after expiration

By default, these email notifications will be sent to both the administrative and technical contacts you designated when ordering your certificate. Different email addresses  can also be set, and the administrative and technical addresses can be excluded.

These settings can be changed  in your SSL.com account – see this article for an overview of what’s available in your account settings.

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