Your Account – Submitting a CSR

  Creating any SSL certificate requires a unique Certificate Signing Request (CSR). This article will show you how to submit a CSR and provide the other information needed to create your certificate.

Install a Certificate on WHM/CPanel

SSL Certificate Installation on CPanel NOTE:  If you have not generated a CSR/Private key pair yet you can learn more about how to generate a key pair here. Once you have received the SSL certificates you can install the certificate using CPanel. If you used » Continue Reading.

Install an SSL Certificate on Heroku

Installing an certificate on Heroku is both quick and simple. Simply click the link ‘for Nginx’ in your account and download the file. From there you can upload the bundle to Heroku along with your private .key file. That’s it! The Nginx download » Continue Reading.

Install an SSL Certificate on IIS 7

After your SSL certificate has been issued and downloaded to your local machine, you must ensure the certificates are ready for installation. Be sure to store the certificate files in a secure location. Proper functioning of a server certificate depends on the successful installation of » Continue Reading.