How to Export/Import Certificates Between Servers

Installing SSL certificate files onto multiple servers can be accomplished using either of the two methods outlined in this piece. One method involves creating a .pfx file (also sometimes called a PKCS#12 file) and importing that onto one or more other servers. Often, cloud providers like Azure require that you to create a .pfx file … Continued

Your Account – Submitting a CSR

  Creating any SSL certificate requires a unique Certificate Signing Request (CSR). This article will show you how to submit a CSR and provide the other information needed to create your certificate.

Will I Be Notified When My Certificate Is About To Expire?

Yes you will. Any SSL certificate comes with an expiration date. As that date approaches, will send you email reminders of the pending expiration. will send multiple emails to let you know that your certificate is about to expire, and you can specify triggers for up to five reminder notices. A notice will be sent when the number … Continued

Exchange Server SSL Certificate Guide

Choosing the right SSL certificate for your Microsoft Exchange Server can mean the difference between late nights at the office trying to make things work and being able to get the job done right the first time and not have to continue to worry about it. To help, we’ve put together some information and resources … Continued

Buy and Use a Wildcard SSL Certificate

Do you find yourself using a lot of subdomains on the web? If so, you can save money and time by going with a Wildcard SSL certificate. This may sound scary to some, but it’s actually quite easy. Below, we’re going to go over the basics of buying and installing this type of certificate to … Continued

Install a Certificate on WHM/CPanel

SSL Certificate Installation on CPanel NOTE:  If you have not generated a CSR/Private key pair yet you can learn more about how to generate a key pair here. Once you have received the SSL certificates you can install the certificate using CPanel. If you used CPanel to generate the Certificate Signing Request then you do … Continued

Install an SSL Certificate on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

After you enter the CSR in our online application, and once your certificate is ready for installation, you need to download all of the files we provide. You must install the intermediate and primary certificate to your Microsoft® Exchange server 2010 to complete installation. You can download your certificate from your account. Exchange server … Continued

Install an SSL Certificate on Heroku

Installing an certificate on Heroku is both quick and simple. Simply click the link ‘for Nginx’ in your account and download the file. From there you can upload the bundle to Heroku along with your private .key file. That’s it! The Nginx download is your SSL Certificate with the intermediate bundle included all … Continued

Install an SSL Certificate on IIS 7

After your SSL certificate has been issued and downloaded to your local machine, you must ensure the certificates are ready for installation. Be sure to store the certificate files in a secure location. Proper functioning of a server certificate depends on the successful installation of intermediate and root certificates. The complete certificate chain typically … Continued