Sharing Certificates Between Servers

Installing SSL certificate files onto multiple servers can be accomplished using either of the two methods outlined in this article. Sharing certificates between servers is a free function of your certificate at  You may rekey a certificate as many times as needed at no extra charge to you.

Sharing Certificates via PFX

The first method involves creating a .pfx file (also sometimes called a PKCS#12 file) of your certificate, intermediates, and private key and importing that .pfx onto one or more other servers. Often, cloud providers like Azure require that you to create a .pfx file to use their service.

Method 1: Create a .pfx file

  1. Export a .pfx using OpenSSL or Windows.
  2. Import the .pfx file using OpenSSL or Windows.
  3. Configure the server to use the imported .pfx file. (Configuration typically involves binding an IP address to the intended file.)

Share Unique Certificate

The alternative method is more secure but also a bit more time consuming in terms of certificate management. If you would like to use a different Private Key for each server, you’ll want to follow the steps outlined below:

Method 2: Generate CSR/Private Key pair

  1. Generate your CSR/Private Key pair on the desired server (Apache, NGINX, IIS, WHM/cPanel)
  2. Reprocess your certificate order with the new CSR.
  3. Configure the server to use the newly issued certificate files. (Apache, NGINX, Windows, WHM/cPanel)

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