Manager – An Overview

We are pleased to release the newest version of our SSLManager tool, designed to make ordering, installing and managing your SSL certificates vastly easier. With Manager, you can bypass console commands and the MMC Certificate Snap-in entirely. Manager Features Manager gives you one straightforward interface to:

  • View all SSL certificates in all stores installed on your Microsoft Windows server
  • Zero in for a detailed view of any certificate
  • Create, renew and delete certificates including the private key and CSR
  • Convert between different formats (pem, der, p12/pfx, cer/crt, etc)
  • Code sign your apps, plugins or documents
  • Set expiration reminder notices for expiring SSL certificates
  • Diagnose SSL certificate installations
  • Regenerate the CSR for any SSL certificate
  • Automatically send the new or renewing CSR to to be signed (no more copy and paste!)
  • Update the Windows server root store with the latest intermediate and root certificates
  • Repair damaged or corrupted certificates
  • Forward error logs to for assistance
  • And much, much more!

Downloading and Installing Manager Manager v2.0 is COMPLETELY FREE! Just download the zipped installer for Manager v2.0 here.

See this article for instructions on installing and configuring Manager v2.0.

Overview of Tool Menus in Manager 2.0 Manager gives you easy access to a variety of powerful tools. You may request certificates, complete validation, install and even bind in IIS directly from the Manager! Everything is available from the menu bar, which has been streamlined for your convenience.


The first menu option is the Account menu.  This is where you can login to your account at, or even create a new one.  Simply add your username and password to connect.  Note, at this time the SSL Manager doesn’t save the login information, so you will need to add it again the next time you logon.

Manage SSL Certificates

This is quite possibly the most powerful menu in existence.  From the Manage SSL Certificates dropdown you can Generate a new SSL Certificate Signing Request (CSR), complete the request (install in IIS), or view your pending requests.  You can also import certificates manually, and even add a private key or intermediate certificates to the Windows certificate store!  Need the certificate in DER, then use the Convert Certificate option to make the transformation. Or, merge your private key and SSL Certificate into a PFX with a few clicks of a button – there’s no need to fumble through MMC!

Manage SSL Certificates offers powerful, intuitive functionality for all local administrators.  Remote capabilities will be added in an upcoming release, so be sure to install SSL Manager directly on the web server that you wish to control.

Code Signing

Another powerful function of the SSL Manager is it’s ability to sign code for developers.  Simply add the target as the input file and select the signing certificate.  You can select one of the pre-programmed timestamping servers to add time and date information to the signature, or you may add your own timestamping server information and save the entry for reuse.  Please remember that the current version of SSL Manager does not verify the server information that you add.


This menu lets you restart the SSL Installer Agent and decide on production or test environments for the Manager. Use the Production setting for real orders.


In case you are ever instructed by a member of the Support Team to provide error log information from the SSL Manager tool, then you can find those logs in the help menu.  You can also see the About section to confirm your software version, find contact information, and more!


As always, please reach out to if you have other questions about the SSL Manager!