Manager – An Overview

We are pleased to release the newest version of our SSLManager tool, designed to make ordering, installing and managing your SSL certificates vastly easier. With Manager, you can bypass console commands and the MMC Certificate Snap-in entirely. Manager Features Manager gives you one straightforward interface to:

  • View all SSL certificates in all stores installed on your Microsoft Windows server
  • Zero in for a detailed view of any certificate
  • Create, renew and delete certificates including the private key and CSR
  • Convert between different formats (pem, der, p12/pfx, cer/crt, etc)
  • Code sign your apps, plugins or documents
  • Set expiration reminder notices for expiring SSL certificates
  • Diagnose SSL certificate installations
  • Regenerate the CSR for any SSL certificate
  • Automatically send the new or renewing CSR to to be signed (no more copy and paste!)
  • Update the Windows server root store with the latest intermediate and root certificates
  • Repair damaged or corrupted certificates
  • Forward error logs to for assistance
  • And much, much more!

Downloading and Installing Manager Manager v1.4 is COMPLETELY FREE! Just download the zipped installer for Manager v1.4 here.

See this article for instructions on installing and configuring Manager v1.4.

Overview of Tool Menus in Manager 1.4


SSL14_OV_01 Manager gives you easy access to a variety of powerful tools. Requesting, ordering, installing,  managing and diagnosing SSL certificates can now be done entirely within Manager. These tools are accessed by clicking the appropriate button in the header menu. You can return to the main panel at any time by selecting Manager. This tab also includes a login/registration option to access your account or create a new one.


Create Certificates

This gives a dropdown menu offering the user options to generate and submit a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), to generate and install a self-signed SSL certificate and to merge a certificate and private key.

The Generate SSL Certificate Request option allows you to generate a CSR and  submit it directly to You also may save to your clipboard, export the CSR as a file or validate any CSR (including existing CSRs). The Generate Self-Signed SSL Certificate option automatically generates and installs a self-signed certificate to your local machine, and offers to open IIS Manager (to allow binding this certificate to your website). The Merge Certificate and Private Key option creates a combined (.pfx) file from items you paste or load into the tool.

Manage Certificates

This menu allows you to view and complete pending requests, import or convert existing certificates, and import x.509 private keys. You can also easily install required intermediate certificates for your purchase.


You may check the status of a server’s certificate, diagnose SSL issues in detail and decode a CSR using this menu. The Server Certificates option can query any server for basic certificate information. The SSL Diagnostics tool provides details on a certificate’s status, chain of trust, configuration and more (and also includes a link to our online tool for yet more useful information). The View Certificate Request tool lets you load and decode any CSR into human-readable form. The Certificate Matcher helps you find the corresponding CSR or private key for any certificate (and vice versa).

Manage Reminders


This menu lets you set up and cancel automatic notifications for your expiring certificates.

Code Signing


Here you can generate and submit a CSR for a code signing certificate, create and install a self-signed one, and sign and/or timestamp your code package, using one of a number of timestamping services.

Help & Support

This menu includes an easy way to send your error log to’s support team for diagnosis. You can also find version and contact information for Manager here.

Contacting Us and Closing Manager

SSL14_OV_footer_01 Manager’s footer includes links allowing you to email us directly and to our social media channels. Click Exit or the red and white X box in the upper right corner of your window to close Manager.