Your Account – Domains

fThe Domains page, found by clicking the Domains tab in your customer account portal, allows you to manage all the domain names you’ve requested products for. In essence, this page collects the domain names from all the certificate orders and vouchers you have purchased from our backend, thus allowing you to validate them or retrieve their validation status in a unified interface.

Order-Scoped Domains

Buying a certificate from involves submitting a certificate order for your server via’s customer account portal. As a result, most domain names found in the Domains page will be associated with (or scoped under) a certificate order – It is also possible to create unscoped domains, which will be discussed in the following section.

All publicly-trusted SSL certificates require CAs (that’s us) to confirm that the certificate applicant (that’s you) indeed has control over the server, their certificate will be issued for. Some products (such as Premium or Enterprise SSL products) also require manual verification to be performed by our vetting agents. In such cases, you can use the Domains page to manage all your pending validations, as shown below.

The domains are listed on a table with four columns. The actual domain name used in each certificate order is shown in the first column, Name. In addition, the certificate order associated with each domain name is shown in the Scoped column. The Scoped column contains a link to the certificate order’s details, and clicking it will redirect your browser to the order’s details page, which can also be found via the Orders portal page.

Status shows the scoped order’s status. This tells you if the domain has already been validated, or if its validation is still pending. Clicking on a pending validation link will redirect your browser to its Validations page, where you may proceed with performing the validation process.

Finally, Revalidation column shows you how many days are remaining until each validated domain will require you to repeat the validation process. All certificates expire due to multiple security concerns, even though your need for a certificate might long outlive the certificate itself. For this reason,’s customer portal allows you to revalidate any domain you have already validated with a simple click.

When the certificate is about to expire, the domain’s Status will change to pending validation, and you can follow the normal validation process without having to add a new certificate signing request or domain.

Of course, you can also use’s Expiration Reminders to alert you when your certificate is close to expiring.

Creating Unscoped Domains

Up until now, we have only discussed order-scoped domains. It is also possible to add a domain and validate it before it is associated with a certificate order. This can be accomplished via the form above the domain table. Enter your domain names (separated by , or space) and click Add to add new domain names.

The domain name will appear in the table, although it will only state the word Team under its Scoped column. As you can see in the following screenshot, the line for the new domain will also contain a small check-box. Since this domain has been added by hand, and is not scoped with an active order yet, the portal allows us to remove it.

To remove an unscoped domain, select the checkbox to the left of its Name column, and click the remove button, located to the right above the domain table. If you have more than one unscoped domain you wish to remove, you may select all of their check boxes and remove all of them at once.

You can also use the checkbox to validate any of these unscoped domains, via the two buttons next to remove. Please note that since you haven’t associated a domain with a specific certificate order (and by extension a CSR), the only available domain control method will be validation by email code. To learn more about domain control validation methods, please take a look at our FAQ on domain validation requirements. For a detailed walk-through of validating an unscoped domain name, please see our how-to on domain name pre-validation.

A significant advantage of using the portal to manage your domains is that when you purchase a new certificate and create a CSR for this domain, the domain will automatically be associated with your order, as a pre-validated domain. This means that you will not have to perform a domain validation for each certificate order you create – provided you have already performed at least one successful validation for this domain in the near past.

NOTE: To satisfy the CA/B Forum’s Baseline Requirements, a domain can only be considered validated for a maximum duration of 825 days (about 27 months). This means that you will have to re-validate all your domains every 825 days. Fortunately, revalidating a domain using the same CSR in’s portal only takes you a few seconds.

We are always happy to listen to our customers! For more questions or for help with an issue, please feel free to drop us an email at and an expert will find a solution for you. You can also call us at 1-877-SSL-SECURE, or just click the chat link at the bottom right of this page.