Generate a CSR in Liquid Web Cloud Sites

This how-to will walk you through generating a certificate signing request (CSR) in Liquid Web Cloud Sites.


1. Navigate to the Websites tab in the Cloud Sites Control Panel.

Websites tab


2. Click the domain name of the website you want to protect with an SSL/TLS certificate.

Domain name


3. Click the gear icon at the right side of the line labeled Secure Traffic (SSL), then click Generate CSR…

Generate CSR


4. A form will appear. Enter the following information:

  • Organization: The legal name of your organization.
  • Organization Unit: Section or department of your organization.
  • City: The name of your city.
  • Country: Select a country from the drop-down menu.



5. After selecting a country, an appropriately-labeled drop-down list for administrative subdivision will appear (e.g. “State” for the USA, “Province” for Canada, etc.). Choose the appropriate value for your location.

Country and state


6. Click the Generate CSR button.

Generare CSR button


7. An alert will appear indicating that the CSR was successfully created.

CSR successfully generated


8. To view the CSR, click the gear icon at the right side of the line labeled Secure Traffic (SSL), then click View CSR…

View CSR


9. When you are ready to submit your CSR to for validation, click the Copy to Clipboard link. For instructions on submitting your CSR to, please read our guide to CSR submission. When you are ready to install your signed certificate, please check our how-to on certificate installation in Liquid Web Cloud Sites.

Copy to clipboard


Thank you for choosing! If you have any questions, please contact us by email at, call 1-877-SSL-SECURE, or just click the chat link at the bottom right of this page.