How to Modify Your eSigner Tier

How to Change Your eSigner Signing Tier users who purchase an Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing certificate or a Document Signing certificate are automatically enrolled in Tier 1 of eSigner. For eSigner’s code signing, this first tier allows for ten signings a month at $10 each, and $10 for each signature over the ten allotted signatures.

For eSigner’s document signing, the tier 1 cost is $20 per signature and 20 signings per month, and $1 per each signature over that limit. 

Pre-paid annual subscriptions provide a 25% discount on the monthly subscription rate. For help with changing your pricing tier, quotes for high-volume signing packages, or any other account questions please contact sales@ssl.comAdding signing to eSigner is just the beginning, users can also choose to upgrade eSigner through the customer portal.

For users interested in upgrading into a higher level with more signature allowances and a deeper discount, the process is quite simple. Here’s a breakdown.

Users can now automate EV Code Signing with Signtool.exe or Certutil.exe using eSigner CKA (Cloud Key Adapter). Click below for more info.


How to Upgrade Your eSigner Tier


  1. Login to your customer dashboard account

    Login to the customer dashboard to begin the process of changing your eSigner tier

  2. From the customer portal, navigate down to see your current eSigner enrollment tier, and select the dropdown to see the additional options

    Scroll down the page to find the box where you may adjust your eSigner Tier designation

  3. After selecting your new pricing tier, select “OK” to confirm

    Click "OK" to confirm your selection


For users who opt into a higher tier mid-month, the pricing adjustments will take place for the remainder of that month and for the months moving forward. For users who select a lower tier, pricing adjustments will take place the following month.

How to View your Current eSigner Signature Usage

  1. From your order page, scroll down to END ENTITY CERTIFICATES section and click Show Details.
  2. Locate the Signings This Month subsection. This shows the total signings you have made for the current month using your eSigner certificate.

For more information on signing up for eSigner, visit our page here.

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