Most Common FAQs

Can I Create a * Wildcard?

We recently received a query from an customer with an existing wildcard certificate...

OV SSL Requirements

Organization Validation (or OV) certificates – also known as High Assurance certificates – are recognized to provide a higher standard in Internet trust.

What should I put in the domain field of my CSR?

Every Certificate Signing Request (or CSR) needs to include the name of what you intend to protect. Typically this is a domain name of the site you are aiming to protect.

EV SSL Requirements

Extended Validation (or EV) certificates, with their green address bar, are recognized as the highest standard in Internet trust.

Requirements for Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing certificates from use the same technology as our other digital security certificates.

Where is my private key?

The private key is not sent when you submit your CSR to, and neither nor anyone else should ever have access to your private key.